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When Conversation and Prayer Merge

When Conversation and Prayer Merge

by Bill High

My friend Frank came to visit us the other day. Frank is now 88 years old.

At age 88, Frank is now in the latter days of his life. There’s not much time left.

I’ve been one of those privileged to know Frank for decades now. I had the opportunity in the early days of the foundation to travel around with Frank.

We had lots and lots of conversations as we traveled. And Frank was always quick to pray for me.

Here’s the interesting thing: as his light wanes, I find that as Frank talks he switches seamlessly between conversation and prayer. He doesn’t even realize it.

Prayer and conversation are the same. There is no difference for him.

I hope to be like Frank in his faithful praying.



Photo by Aarón Blanco Tejedor on Unsplash

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Published July 28, 2021

Topics: A Life of Faith


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