Legacy For Advisors

Lead with legacy

How financial professionals can incorporate legacy into their practice

Financial and estate planning are established practices, but legacy planning expands the conversation. When social, spiritual and emotional capital are on the table along with financial wealth, there’s an opportunity to engage clients in meaningful conversations to empower them for long-term success.

Get started in your practice by

  • Introducing the concept of legacy planning
  • Encouraging generosity
  • Considering legacy in estate plans

Introduce legacy planning

Encourage generosity

Add legacy to the Estate Plan

Legacy planning resources

The Signatry

The Signatry is an organization dedicated to serving generous donors, advisors, and ministries. They provide donor advised funds, complex asset giving solutions, and ministry training.

FamilyArc Private Family Archives

FamilyArc is a service that creates a private archive of your family history. From photo digitization to family story videos to family genealogy, FamilyArc’s curators craft a meaningful record of who your family is.

Vyne Legacy

Vyne Legacy is a ministry that equips families with the tools to build lasting generations. From courses on building family purpose to navigating family conflict, you will find an array of resources to serve your clients and differentiate your practice.