What is legacy?


Laying the foundation for enduring impact

Many of us think “legacy” is only for the wealthy or powerful. But everyone leaves a legacy, whether good, bad or a mixed bag, because legacy is a reflection of how you live. We can choose what kind of legacy we aim to build for the next generations.


Family legacy is fundamentally about what values we pass on to future generations and how we practically accomplish that transfer of values.

It's not all about us

Why should we even want an enduring family legacy? It’s not about us. God has a reason for everything He creates, and He created families. Consider His covenant with Abraham and his family: God promised to bless him so that he could be a blessing, and that ultimately “in you all the families of the earth shall be blessed.” (Gen. 12:1-3)

We choose to love and serve others in response to God’s love. A truly successful family lives for causes greater than themselves.

What legacy is all about

We tend to spend significant time and money to get things right in transferring financial wealth, but living a life of legacy is much more than that. Legacy is about establishing a family identity and values that guide next generations. It’s about sharing your stories and building lasting memories together. These things are key to establishing an enduring family legacy.
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Legacy for real life

Let's talk about what legacy looks like

It takes intentionality

Since everyone leaves a legacy, we need to be intentional about what we’re building. I’ll be sharing some ideas to get you started or to continue the journey. Learn more.

It's for the whole family

Family legacy is about every family member flourishing. It’s about wholeness and joy, multiplied across generations. It’s about working as a team to accomplish the mission entrusted to us by God. Read more.

Generosity is key

If we want our children to live well, we will teach them to be givers of their time, of their talent, and of their treasure. I have found that conversations around giving are a ready-made starting point for a family to talk through tough topics of values and money. Get the Giving as a Family guide.

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