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Thriving Family Legacy

Through the Values We Pass on From Generation to Generation

Family legacy consultant

Today many families are disconnected and drifting apart, shaped by the influences of our culture. Bill High provides content, counsel and workshops to help families create a legacy of connection and unity that will lead to thriving families, healthier communities and a better world. Passed on from generation to generation.
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Everyone’s journey with legacy and generosity looks different.

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The Legacy Pathway

Learn the steps your family can take to build your family legacy.


Find the practical steps or inspiration you need. I have put together resources from my years of speaking, writing, and training on these topics to serve you.


Ranked as one of America’s Top 25 Philanthropy Speakers, I share from my experience on biblical perspectives of legacy and generosity.

Vyne Legacy

Explore my ministry to equip families with the toolkit for thriving generations.
The greatest family legacies are built upon a foundation of values—a set of beliefs—that transcend the family. They live for a cause greater than themselves.

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