About Bill High

Who God has made me

I am Bill High, and my heart is for enduring families. I grew up in a broken home, losing my dad at an early age, but through God’s great goodness, I now guide families in creating multi-generational legacy shaped by generosity.

My personal mission is to teach how the ideas of legacy and generosity work together to unite families around a mission and the values that will help them thrive for generations to come. 

After building a successful career as a lawyer, I resigned from my firm to help start The Signatry, where we seek to inspire and facilitate generosity for Kingdom causes. 

I teach on these transformative ideas of family legacy and generosity at events across the country and through my blog and books. I also coach families through the practical issues of planning and creating generational success. In 2022, I helped launch Vyne Legacy, a ministry that helps families build their toolkit to create lasting legacies.

I believe God is the ultimate foundation of a family’s legacy and the source of a family’s generosity. He is the point of all I do—for “from Him and through Him and to Him are all things.”


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After losing my dad at a young age, my family’s story was forever changed. We banded together, and through the struggles of life we found the enduring value of family and the great generosity of Jesus.
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From practicing law to starting a foundation and authoring books, God has led me on an extraordinary journey.
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I speak at events around the country on generosity and family legacy to a variety of audiences. I speak to business leaders, financial advisors and major donors.
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