Invite a trusted advisor on your legacy journey

As families embrace the idea of multi-generational family, they often find it helpful to invite a legacy expert to coach them in the key elements of a thriving family legacy.

I specialize in equipping entrepreneurial families with the tools and practices they need to enhance communication, build trust and make progress with shared purpose

Here's how I approach the consulting relationship, and an outline of my process.


Embracing the purpose of family

My starting place is that God intends for families to have a lasting influence for generations.

His purpose is for the members of the family to support each other, to teach the next generations God’s deeds and commands, and to impact their world for good.

I teach families to embrace this design as the context for pursuing their unique calling. 

From that starting point, I work through this general process. 

Legacy Consulting Process

Over the course of several months, I guide a family through a process adapted to their specific situation, which includes action items for family members to work on between our meetings. We'll take time to enhance relational health, align the family around shared purpose, and then chart the course for sustainable progress.