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A Ruined Legacy Can Be Redeemed

A ruined legacy can be redeemed

Sometimes I hear from families that their legacy is messed up. Whether through children who’ve gone astray, broken marriages, or failed businesses—they say it is too much. In their minds, they have a ruined legacy. It’s irredeemable. But there’s a story worth repeating. The crowd in the  »  Read More

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Failed Legacy? He Gave His Life for a Tribe

Who is the judge of a failed legacy?

It’s been several months since John Allen Chau died on North Sentinel Island, and the resulting uproar has quieted down. Since November, critics and defenders of the 26-year-old missionary have written volumes about his actions and his motivations. Many would argue that John left a failed legacy  »  Read More

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Gaining it All and Losing it All:  What’s the Difference?

City street with cars, pedestrians

I’m sure you’ve heard the stories.  People who’ve experienced great tragedy and lost everything.  And then there are those who’ve experienced incredibly good fortune and seemingly gained it all. I had a friend who got caught in the 2008 real estate downturn.  He was on his way to  »  Read More

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