Faithfully doing the next thing can have a big impact

The Legacy of Faithfully Doing the Next Thing

The Legacy of Faithfully Doing the Next Thing

by Bill High

Frank will tell you that he never had a strategic plan. He just always did what God put in front of him. The impact of faithfully doing the next thing is far greater than he ever expected.

Like most people, he got a job, got married, and had kids. He built a life around family. He came to Christ in his 30s and that formed much of his adulthood.

Marriage, family, and faith—those were his first legacy.

Today, he still sees the fruit of that legacy with an entire army of grandchildren and even great grandchildren coming online.


Frank’s next thing

But God had still more for him—even if it came unexpectedly.

His wife died after a long battle with cancer. The natural impulse might have been to remarry after a time.

But God had another plan for Frank.

He launched him into starting what was then known as the Servant Foundation and is now called The Signatry.

It was his journey of generosity, of ministry, of discipleship, of evangelism.

Frank found himself building a ministry that would encourage people to live generously. He met lots and lots of people and lots of lots of ministries.

He’ll tell you that his horizons expanded, and he got to have an incredible amount of fun.

Today, The Signatry has facilitated more than $4 billion in contributions that are then granted out to ministries and nonprofits. It’s part of Frank’s second legacy.

Faithfully doing the next thing might not seem to fit into a strategic life plan or raise you to the top of the heap, but you never know what God will do with your life if you make yourself available.

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Published May 3, 2019

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