The Power of Everyday Generosity

The Power of Everyday Generosity

by Bill High

If we write a check to a charity, does that make us generous?

It seems to me that giving is an act. It can be a transaction. But giving, in and of itself, doesn’t make one generous.

Generosity. It’s a way of life–a learned way of life. My wife came to me the other day and reminded me of all the things that God was doing for us that day. The sun rose; there was air to breathe, sunshine that graced our shoulders, and waves from the ocean that constantly reminded us that God was at work.

Everyday generosity. Every day, we wake up, and God gives us gifts. They are there every day. A thousand daily choices. A thousand gifts. He does not withhold: “No good thing does he withhold from those who walk uprightly” (Psalm 84.11, ESV).

And I’m so thankful that God’s generosity is not transactional. We don’t have to wait on sunshine while God makes a decision. We receive the sunshine and the waves because it is in his very nature and character!

We were made in his image, so our heart’s cry should be “Make me generous in the same way!”

Everyday generosity!

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Published March 30, 2018

Topics: Generosity

Everyday Generosity

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