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The Legacy of Faithfully Doing the Next Thing

Faithfully doing the next thing can have a big impact

Frank will tell you that he never had a strategic plan. He just always did what God put in front of him. The impact of faithfully doing the next thing is far greater than he ever expected. Like most people, he got a job, got married, and had kids. He built a life around family. He came to Christ in  »  Read More

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A Lifetime of Stories, One Seat Over

You sit next to a lifetime of stories on the plane

You never know who you’ll end up sitting next to when you fly. But whether you think about it or not, your neighbor on the plane has a story—a lifetime of stories that has just intersected with your own. Even though I was one of the first to board, I sighed as I caught sight of my seat—a  »  Read More

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Failed Legacy? He Gave His Life for a Tribe

Who is the judge of a failed legacy?

It’s been several months since John Allen Chau died on North Sentinel Island, and the resulting uproar has quieted down. Since November, critics and defenders of the 26-year-old missionary have written volumes about his actions and his motivations. Many would argue that John left a failed legacy  »  Read More

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