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Solomon’s Legacy: Good or Bad?

Was Solomon's legacy good or bad?

What first comes to mind when you think of King Solomon, who succeeded David as ruler of the kingdom of Israel? Is it his God-given wisdom? His incredible wealth? His many wives and concubines? What was Solomon’s legacy, both to the nation he ruled and down through history to us? Consider it  »  Read More

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Legacy for Those Without Children

Legacy is about what will last

Legacy is not dependent upon having children. Legacy is just as important for those who are single and for those who are married without children. How can that be? Consider how the idea of legacy is often tied to “what you’ll leave behind.” But when we focus on what we leave behind only, I  »  Read More

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Prepare your family to receive assets

It's vital to prepare family to receive assets

I’ve heard it said many times now and in various ways, but the principle is the same: we should prepare our families to receive assets. Too many times, I see families who work hard—incredibly hard—to build a portfolio of assets. The majority of their waking hours and working years are in  »  Read More

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