Why Investing in Family Matters

Why Investing in Family Matters

by Bill High

I could see the lines of tension.

Maybe tension wasn’t the right word. Heart-wrenching sorrow? Brokenness? They just didn’t know what to do.

I’d just gotten done speaking at a conference. My talk was on Family Legacy: Building the 150-year family. And they were the first couple in line to talk to me. They’d heard the message, loved the message about thriving families for generations. But the story they told me was all too common.

For the most part, they thought they’d done a good job raising their kids, and always thought they had a happy, successful family. But one of their kids turned away, walked away from the family—the departure was crisp, sudden, and apparently final. They were shocked, stunned and looking for answers.

Their question to me was the question of every family: “How can we be a 150-year family when one of our kids won’t even talk to us?” (and more poignantly) “What went wrong?”.

I know that in writing those words that many families can identify with those questions –- at some level. And more than anything, they are searching for answers. They want a plan and a path to move forward.

They just don’t want to be stuck.

That’s really been my work over these past years and the reason behind Vyne Legacy (www.vynelegacy.com). We want to help families bear fruit for generations. We want to give them a plan and a path for moving forward.

Investing in families matters. Family is the bedrock of society. When we get family right, everything else seems to fall in line.


Photo by Xavier Mouton Photographie on Unsplash.

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Published September 19, 2022

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