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One of the Best Ways to Teach Generosity

Grandpas teach generosity

It’s not unusual for someone to come up and ask me, “How do I teach my children to be generous?” It’s a great question. I’ve found with my own kids what I think is a powerful way to teach generosity in a way that makes it stick. Here’s a quick story. When my son was at college, I  »  Read More

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Leaving Wealth to Children—Examples from the Real World

He’s famous for it.  William Buffett pledged $31 billion to the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation—instead of leaving it to his children.  Buffett has often said that parents should leave their children enough to do anything they want but not so much that they do nothing at all. But what about  »  Read More

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Would you take in a dying child?

Taking in foster kids can be hard.  Really hard.  It’s an up and down emotion of taking in and letting go.  But can you imagine taking in a dying child—one that no one else will take in? The February 8, 2017, LA Times tells the story of Mohamed Bzeek.  He’s a Libyan born Muslim living in  »  Read More

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