When A Parent’s Hardest Task Is To ‘Not Do’

When A Parent’s Hardest Task Is To ‘Not Do’

by Bill High

“When it comes to your children, the hardest thing is to not do.” – David Green, CEO/Founder of Hobby Lobby

What does it mean to “not do”?

I remember buying my first car when I was 16 years old. It cost $350. I got my brother to rebuild an engine and install it for me. For whatever reason, that car always seemed to have trouble with the starter, and I had to replace the starter a few different times. I bloodied my knuckles and grumbled a bit. But it was mine.

Fast forward to when my kids were starting to drive. It would have been an easy thing to just buy them a car. And to be honest, I could have rationalized the purchase. After all, I wanted them to be in something safe and reliable—certainly something that wasn’t needing a new starter every year. In other words, it would have been easy to get them a car.

But the hardest thing to do was to not get them that car.

My plan was to make them earn half and I’d contribute the other half. Overall, I think it was a good plan, a fair plan. Each of my kids got jobs, worked during high school, and learned to save. To this day each of them are hard workers, and I am immensely proud of each one of them.

How are you doing in the “not doing” category?



Photo by Nicola Brasetti on Unsplash

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Published March 21, 2022

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