Will Your Family Flourish for Generations?

Will Your Family Flourish for Generations?

by Bill High

I was talking with a businessman recently. It became clear to me that he was especially sharp. His description of his business, the growth trajectory, their clearly articulated mission—all of it told me that he was right on top of it.

But as we talked, he admitted that all the acumen he applied to business he’d never applied to his family. No such vision, mission or values statement existed. He ran his business with more intentionality than his family.

History tells us that certain families will flourish across generations. It’s not accident or luck. It’s those families who clearly articulate their vision, mission and values. And they live out that calling with purpose, ritual and rhythm. That flourishing can occur, by the way, whether there’s a substantial financial statement or not.

I’ve always found that the most cohesive families are those who have a reason to be. They feel called around purpose and they live and act that out accordingly without regard to their financial net worth.

Are you giving your family a reason to be? Explore the next steps in creating your family legacy.



Photo by Alberto Casetta on Unsplash

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Published February 28, 2022

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