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The Most Generous Person You Know

The Most Generous Person You Know

by Bill High

Who is the most generous person you know? Have you ever thought about that question?

As you ponder that question, do you think of those who are inherently generous? And of those you consider generous, do they have a high income or high net worth? How often do we think of generosity in those terms—based upon big income and balance sheets?

Or do you think of generosity in proportion to means? More like the poor widow who gave a tiny amount that represented a great portion of her means. She gave up much to make a gift. Perhaps the most generous people you know are those who have far lower income but always seem to be giving?

Or do you consider generosity to be those who give of themselves? Their time. Their service. They sacrifice their own needs and desires for the sake of others. Perhaps some might think of their own mothers here.

How would you begin to describe the most generous people you know?

Humble? Simple? Content? Joyful? Focused? Trusting? Reckless? Irrational?

Do you have a person in mind? I’d love for you to tell me about them and describe them. Send me an email at or reply in the comment section below.



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Published January 24, 2022

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