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One of the Best Ways to Teach Generosity

Grandpas teach generosity

It’s not unusual for someone to come up and ask me, “How do I teach my children to be generous?” It’s a great question. I’ve found with my own kids what I think is a powerful way to teach generosity in a way that makes it stick. Here’s a quick story. When my son was at college, I  »  Read More

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Rethinking the Cost of Giving

Have you ever thought about the cost of giving? What do I mean–the cost of giving?  At a practical personal level, in so many cases, we can make personal tangible gifts–of our time, a smile, a pat on  »  Read More

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Should Donors Be Willing to Give to Overhead?

In the giving world, the supposed magic standard is to spend no more than 10% of your budget towards overhead.  Similarly, I hear some foundations and some donors describe and prescribe that 10% is their benchmark for qualifying an organization. The theory is that donors don’t want to pay for  »  Read More