Small churches can benefit from an online giving platform

Online Giving Platform Made Free for Churches!

Online Giving Platform Made Free for Churches!

by Bill High

A cool giving story during coronavirus

We think of churches as those who give and serve those in need.

But what about when a church has a need?

Think about it. Most churches around the country have been told to shut down during the COVID-19 outbreak—to not gather and hold services. Many churches are equipped to weather the storm because so much of their giving is online.

But many small- to medium-sized churches don’t have the ability to receive gifts online. They still rely on envelopes and passing the plate.

Here’s where the good news comes. Lifeway decided to make a gift of their online giving platform—Generosity by Lifeway. Churches can get set up to receive online gifts with no monthly subscription cost.

If your church is one of those churches needing help to receive online gifts, they can reach out to Lifeway via this landing page. 



Photo by John Cafazza on Unsplash


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Published March 20, 2020

Topics: Generosity


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