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Family Offices Continue to Grow

Family offices continue to grow

Family offices are increasing in number and in influence, with a rapid increase in assets. Ernst and Young estimated in its 2016 Family Office Guide that there are over 10,000 single family offices around the globe. At least half of them have been set up in the past 15 years. Around 2,350 family  »  Read More

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Charitable Giving on the Way Down in 2019?

Expect to see the full impact of tax reform on charitable giving in the rest of 2019.

Philanthropy experts predicted that the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017 would cause a big drop in charitable giving. The Indiana University Lilly Family School of Philanthropy published a study in May of that year projecting that tax changes would depress giving by some $13.1 billion annually. The  »  Read More

12 Million More Non Profits!?

The Chronicle of Philanthropy reported that the non-profit world is expected to grow…by 12 million new organizations. As the nearly 80 million Boomers head toward retirement, some become altruistic, and some need something to do. So they create non-profits and work on doing something good. Some will fund these non-profits themselves. Some will seek funding from others.