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Does Your Donation Platform Scare Away Major Donors?

Does Your Donation Platform Scare Away Major Donors?

by Bill High

What does a donation platform have to do with major donors?

I get to meet a lot of nonprofits. Before I meet them, one of the things I like to do is to take a look at their online donation platform.

Even the donation button tells me a lot about them and their sophistication. Is it a PayPal button?

And then where does it take me? Does it navigate away from their site?

Next is the look and functionality of the form. Is it sleek, elegant, and simple to follow? Does it offer giving options other than cash? Credit card? Even vehicles? Other assets?

Another thing I’m looking for—does the donation experience connect with the overall mission of the organization?

Of course, in today’s world, there are features that are becoming increasingly essential, for the donor experience and for the nonprofit:

  • Recurring giving
  • Peer-to-peer fundraising
  • Text-to-give
  • Crowdfunding
  • Matching gifts
  • Payment processing
  • Analytics
  • Automation of gift acknowledgements and receipts

A sophisticated donation platform tells me a lot about a ministry’s readiness to work with major donors.

If they’ve invested what it takes to get their donation platform figured out, they’re much more likely able to build out a successful major donor program.

What’s in your platform?



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Published May 7, 2021

Topics: Nonprofit Development

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