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Building Legacy, Season After Season

Building Legacy, Season After Season

by Bill High

Legacy seasons. I remember when our boys were still young, they took a liking to soccer. I was a baseball player so it was a switch for me. But soon they were fully engaged in the sport. And soccer was an 11-month commitment with practices, games and tournaments. Some of those tournaments required travel out of town.

Tournament weekends might mean as many as eight games on a weekend. Those were hectic days between work, practices and travel. We sat on many a sideline as passionate parents willing our teams to outcomes sometimes controlled by a fluke deflection.

But that season ended seemingly almost as quickly as it came. I still remember watching their last games. Wistful. Hard to believe it was all over and wondering what I’d do with my weekends.

Fast forward a few years later, and now with three kids married, we’ve got grandkids. My daughter sent me a text message with an attachment. A soccer schedule for her son Clayton.

Last Saturday I found myself on the sidelines again. Hot, humid, and once again watching soccer. Still passionate but far more patient about the outcome. Resolute and realistic in the good season.



Photo by Jason Charters on Unsplash

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Published October 9, 2021

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