Bearing Fruit for Generations to Come

Bearing Fruit for Generations to Come

by Bill High

We’ve got a really big announcement.  Truly.  Announcing:

Vyne Legacy

I’ve been working in the generosity space for over 22 years. And as I’ve worked in the space, I started to make some observations.  All too often, the giving was led by one person, or if both husband and wife were included, they often didn’t include their children. Why was that?

But deeper still, while the generosity bug was powerful, it paled in comparison to the pull of family. The desire to be part of meaningful and lasting community—family.

That’s the mission of Vyne Legacy—helping families bear fruit for generations.

Quite simply, we are an educational ministry that provides digital content 24/7, live workshop experiences and small group content for the church.

Go to our website at, and you’ll see the tools we provide.

Helping families understand the biblical purpose of families. Helping families understand the pitfalls to success—namely navigating conflict. Crafting a plan for the next 150 years. The essentials of vision, mission and values. Drafting a conflict code.

Best of all, you’ll find that our goal is not just inspiration but to provide you a plan and a path to move towards generational success. Our teaching is based upon biblical principles but also frontline work with families. We’ve seen what works.

I’m excited about the opportunity to change the trajectory of families. For good. For generations. Give us a follow. Subscribe to our newsletter. And if you are interested in hosting a live workshop, shoot us an email at

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Published September 12, 2022

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