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God Didn’t Answer My Prayer—I’m So Grateful

God Didn’t Answer My Prayer—I’m So Grateful

by Bill High

I don’t know about you, but I find there’s a tremendous power in unanswered prayer. I’m thinking of a time when God didn’t give me what I asked for. I was so confused then, but looking back now, I’m deeply grateful.

I remember when I was still practicing law, I had a very clear sense that I was supposed to leave the practice of law and do something else. For a time, I looked desperately. I looked at other jobs. I applied for other jobs. Some of them just didn’t make sense.

I prayed for a new job, a new opportunity. My wife joined me in that request. I prayed to leave. And eventually, a job opportunity fell into my lap. It was something I applied to in the newspaper. It seemed all such a perfect fit—a place where I could still use my legal skills, and still do some ministry work. The pay was better.

Oh, how we prayed that I would get that job! I had a great interview and ultimately was offered the job, and I even accepted the job offer. But after accepting the job, things seemed to stall—they just didn’t move forward. I finally called the owner and asked him what was happening.

Incredibly, he told me that he thought I didn’t want the job and he was in the final stages of hiring someone else. I was crushed. The perfect job seemed to be slipping through my fingers. It was unanswered prayer.

A few years later another job came along. I wasn’t looking for it. It came looking for me. I actually recommended other good people to interview for the job. But ultimately, they offered me the job.

Twenty-one years later I’m still doing that job, although I guess I’d describe it as more of a calling. It’s far more the perfect fit than anything I might have pursued myself. It all makes me wonder: what would have happened if my prayers for the earlier job had been answered? I’m fairly certain that if I’d taken that job, I wouldn’t be doing what I’m doing today.

It’s the power of unanswered prayer. It’s the belief and active faith that God really does have our best in mind. Because he is indeed the best giver of all.



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Published June 18, 2021

Topics: A Life of Faith

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  1. This is a great story, Bill. Thanks for sharing it. I’m encouraged to trust the Lord in his providence. His wisdom, power and steadfast love (hesed) give me firm confidence to take the next step, whatever that may be. Keep writing, speaking, recording your stories!

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