Faith grows in the dark

Faith Grows in the Dark?

Faith Grows in the Dark?

by Bill High

The other day Mark Klinger from our team led a staff devotional on living in faith. He told us that so often our faith grows in the dark—it’s in the not knowing.

Indeed, if we could act with the certainty of the outcome, I don’t think we could call that faith.

In the minutes that followed Mark’s devotion, I asked our people to share some of their stories. There were stories of doubt. There were stories of miracles—things they hadn’t believed possible. And there were stories of waiting—stories with a still uncertain outcome.

But with all the stories, there was a common thread.

We all knew, and we could all relate to the idea of not knowing, of being unsure. Sometimes the stories have happy endings. Sometimes they do not.

Laurie Short writes in her book, Finding Faith in the Dark, “God shows up in ways we don’t expect but in retrospect most need.” Or another way of saying it, “Looking back we’re often thankful for prayers God didn’t answer; they made room for the ones He answered that we didn’t pray.”

In this season of uncertainty (and when are things ever certain?), it’s OK to doubt, but don’t stop believing.

For God’s people, the outcome on the other side ultimately is certain, firm, secure and good. That tension between what we believe to be true and what we are currently experiencing is what we call faith.



Photo by Anton Darius on Unsplash

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Published July 3, 2020

Topics: A Life of Faith


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