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The World’s Richest People and A Little Wisdom on Wealth

Solomon's wisdom on wealth was from one who'd arrived

Money’s a funny thing. Most people spend their lives wishing they had it as they toil away at their jobs. We worry about it in our off hours, and for some it’s a pleasant daydream to think about arriving. A few actually get it. They arrive. What if that were you? What would you do if your net  »  Read More

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Gaining it All and Losing it All:  What’s the Difference?

City street with cars, pedestrians

I’m sure you’ve heard the stories.  People who’ve experienced great tragedy and lost everything.  And then there are those who’ve experienced incredibly good fortune and seemingly gained it all. I had a friend who got caught in the 2008 real estate downturn.  He was on his way to  »  Read More

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Where is your trust?- Treasure or truth?

It’s a common story.  A person starts a new venture or business.  In the early days, the struggle is real, and it’s hard.  The trial is marked with uncertainty, much prayer and a building trust.  But at some point, there’s a breakthrough.  Perhaps it is imperceptible but the struggle is  »  Read More

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