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What Does the Wall Street Journal Teach Us About Joy?–Part I

Probably not much. Unless we look a little deeper. I found myself stuck on a delayed flight, desperately trying to get home, perusing a weekend edition of the WSJ (January 13-14, 2018). A headline struck me in a new way. It was a Deidre McCloskey book review of Niall Ferguson’s new book, The  »  Read More

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What Are Your Thoughts on the Church of the Future?

The church is changing . . . again. Throughout history, the church has adapted, evolved, grown, and shrunk. Where will it go in America in the next 20 years? Some have pronounced the church’s demise, while others tout its growth. I’d like your opinions. To stir your thoughts, I’m giving you  »  Read More

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Christmas—The Baby Was Only a Sign

Have you ever caught this? Okay, Jesus is born. And it’s pretty sparse. No nurses. No bright lights from hospital lights. There are no phone calls out to waiting grandparents. The siblings don’t get a text message. No Facebook posts are made. No cute little video announcements. It’s just  »  Read More

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