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Christmas and the Most Unhappy Man

He missed Christmas. Not only did he miss it, but he also sought to destroy it. He was called Herod the Great. At the age of 25 or 28, in 47 BC, he was appointed the governor of Galilee by his father, Antipater. His position was thus, not something he earned. His career was marked by his attempts  »  Read More

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Christmas—Zechariah and Why It’s Not About Me!

I suppose in a lot of circles he’d be a big man. He had a title and privilege. He got to literally go behind the curtain—a status not afforded to the common villager. He was a priest, and not just any priest. He came from the line of Aaron. He was righteous, faithful, and therefore  »  Read More

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Christmas—The Expectant Child

What’s not to like about Christmas? The season of tinsel, glitter, gifts, and family—right? Well, for many, the truth is that Christmas is a season of heartbreak, loss, and loneliness. I’ve got a friend who lost a child right before Christmas; and in my own family, my father passed away a  »  Read More

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