Family is Everything

One of the oldest family-owned businesses in America started in Turkey. Let me explain. In 1618, Avedis Zildjian, an Armenian metalsmith, worked for the court of the Sultan of the Ottoman Empire. Avedis was able to fashion a set of cymbals out of tin, copper and silver which could make musical sounds without shattering. The Sultan officially recognized Avedis surname …

What’s God’s Purpose for Families? 

I often start our Family Legacy Workshop with a question:
What’s the purpose for family? 
In response to the question, usually there’s a pause.  Sometimes people remark, “That’s a good question.”  But inevitably, they get rolling with comments like fun, companionship, community, support, love, care, teaching values, and showing God’s glory, mentally, spiritually and physically…
These are all good responses.  But truly, pause and consider what is God’s purpose for family?

Establishing a Mission and Values

A company that has drafted a detailed mission statement and vision for their business will lead to a 50% increase in effectiveness. If a business is more likely to increase its effectiveness when it incorporates a mission statement, think about what could happen in your family if you take the first steps to identify the values that you want your children to inherit.