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Does My Spouse Know Whom to Talk to When I’m Gone?

When Steve died, the family was shocked in more ways than one. His untimely death from heart attack just wasn’t in the cards. But his youngest son was surprised to find out that he was the trustee and placed in the unenviable position of dictating his father’s wishes to his older  »  Read More

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When Is an Inheritance a Bad Thing?

Sid and Jean started their business out of necessity. He’d lost his job unexpectedly, and the job market appeared slim. So off they went. He was marketing. She was operations. And together, a step at a time, they built a business brick by brick. Along the way, their children participated in  »  Read More

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Facts About Family Business

Did you know that 50% of US GNP is generated by family businesses¹ Only 30% of family businesses survive to the 2nd generation² 90% of all businesses are owned or controlled by families³ Despite the success factors of family business succession, 88% of all business owners believe that their  »  Read More

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