Be Known by Your Values

Be Known by Your Values

by Bill High

Have you wondered what the difference is for lasting families? What separates these families from the rest?

They intentionally pass on their family’s values. And one of the best examples of incorporating lasting values into one’s daily legacy is the Beckett family.

In 1937, Beckett Companies was born. They specialize in combustion products, developing electronic safety controls and sell HVAC products. Today, they boast an annual revenue of $70 million and have products present in over 50 million US homes.

But what do their values have to do with their success?

The Beckett corporation not only wants to live out their values but wants to be known by their values, namely integrity, excellence, and a profound respect for others.

Kevin Beckett is the current president and CEO and third generation Beckett to lead this corporation. When his father handed the company to him in 2004, Kevin was faced with an impossible decision. Competition was rising, and he needed to quickly cut costs to keep up with industry leaders. The most practical solution was to outsource manufacturing to China, a well-known atheist nation.

How could Beckett Corporations retain its Christian corporate values in a nation where Christian faith cannot be openly shared?

After a lot of prayer and intentionally examining the company’s core values, Kevin Beckett adapted the language of those values to be structured around the idea of “blessings”. For instance, they evaluate how their employees can pass on blessings to their customers and community.

This intentional, action-based form of passing on blessings allows for their company’s Christian guiding principles to be carried out regardless of the location or surrounding culture.

Because of these actions, Beckett corporation is known by their values.

If you set out to not only tell your children about your family values, but also to teach your children how to be known by their values, how much more prosperous would future generations be? When we discover ways to intentionally pass on and show our families values, culture is changed for the better.

Lead by intentionality today. Be known by your values.


Photo by fauxels from Pexels 

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Published October 24, 2022

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