Launch Week

Launch Week

by Bill High

They call it Launch Week for a reason.

Launch week is the week a book hits the market for the first time. It’s a big week.

I really like the title of this book. It’s called Leadership Not by the Book: 12 Unconventional Principles to Drive Incredible Results

I got to serve as a co-author with David Green, the CEO and Founder of Hobby Lobby—a company with 1,000 stores, $8 billion in sales and over 50,000 employees.

David’s the star of the story. We swap stories about who grew up “more poor.” He picked cotton as a kid. As a pastor’s kid in small churches, the offerings were often made up of vegetables from the garden and maybe an occasional chicken.

He was an unlikely candidate to build a billion-dollar business.

How did he grow from humble roots to billions in sales?

Well, it wasn’t because he went to Harvard. Because he didn’t.

One of the things David tells me is the need to “Give God the vote.” What does that mean?

So often, it’s easy to think that we’ve got the talent, skills, and knowledge to make the decisions in leading our organization. In other words, it’s easy to not rely on God.

But David prays about things like picture frames, scissors, ribbon. Small things. Things you would think he should have figured out after 50 years in business. But he doesn’t want to take for granted that he knows the answer. He wants to Give God the Vote.

That’s pretty unusual. It’s NOT by the book.

It’s Launch Week. We would like to see these ideas—of leading and leading with faith—encourage others to greater and bigger dreams for themselves, their organizations, and their families. Would you help spread the word for those big dreams?

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Published October 17, 2022

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