Where Do You Find the Wealth?

Where Do You Find the Wealth?

by Bill High

Where do you find major donors?

I get asked that question a lot. Of course, in many of those cases, people simply want me to give them a list.

But the evidence is right in front of you. Look for age. What do I mean?

A whopping 91.39% of all millionaire wealth rests in the hands of those 50 years of age and above. The highest percentage of millionaires (28.4%) are in the 60-70 year range, and 24.10% are in the 70-80 year range. There are more millionaires in the 80-90 age range (12.16%) than in the 40-50 age range (6.74%).¹

By the way, when you look for millionaires, the car they drive is not always indicative. While many drive a Mercedes or BMW, the number two choice of millionaires? Ford.

So the message? Look for age, and an occasional Ford.


¹Wealth Engine, The 2018 US Millionaire Report.

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Published May 21, 2018

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  1. Bill where did you get the stats on millionaires?

    I am interested in how they determine wealth.

    Those of us with a loving family and close friends consider that worth more than a million bucks!

    1. Post

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