4 Traits of the Demi-Billionaire

4 Traits of the Demi-Billionaire

by Bill High

What’s a demi-billionaire, and what does one look like?

A demi-billionaire has a net worth of $500 million and up. The 2018 WealthEngine Millionaire report identified them as having the following traits:

  • 76.9% of them are business owners.
  • 76.9% are board of director members.
  • 63 years old is the average age.
  • 10.1 is the number of properties they own.

These statistics correspond with the multi-millionaires—36% of them are similarly business owners.

What’s the lesson? I’ve long taught the nonprofit world that, if you want to find the most likely opportunity, you’ll find it among the business owners.


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Published May 18, 2018

Topics: Nonprofit Development

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