What Is the Religion of Millionaires?

What Is the Religion of Millionaires?

by Bill High

What is the religion of millionaires?

CNBC cited a study by New World Wealth noting that, of the 13.1 million millionaires in the world, 56% identified themselves as Christian.¹ That same study indicated that 6.5% identified themselves as Muslim, 3.9% as Hindu, and 1.7% as Jewish.

Still another 31.7% identified themselves as “other,” which includes other and no religious backgrounds.

As further background for their study, New World Wealth pointed out that 7 of the 10 wealthiest countries are Christian dominated.

What do you make of this study? Certainly, there’s a case that even applying biblical principles to your work provides a basis for success. Age old principles of love, care for employees, and the Golden Rule really do work.


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Published November 21, 2017

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