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Empathy Carries More Weight Than A Big Brand

Listening intently shows empathy

What do wealthy and even super-wealthy clients look for in an advisor? An institutional brand with a deep bench? Merrill Lynch? BNY Mellon? US Trust? That’s the question posed in a Wealth Advisor article from several months back, and the results point to the importance of empathy and  »  Read More

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Seven Key Mistakes Wealthy People Make

Learn mistakes wealthy people make that can be avoided

Sometimes we hear of those with wealth and it’s hard to imagine them making a mistake. But Simone Foxman of Bloomberg surveyed family office leaders who identified key mistakes wealthy people make (and I’ve added one of my own):   Governance Avy Stein of Cresset Capital Management  »  Read More

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Can Money Buy Happiness?

It’s an age-old question. Some researchers sought to end the debate. Two researchers from the University of British Columbia studied whether those who make frequent material purchases are happier than those who make experiential purchases.¹ They focused upon the momentary happiness that people  »  Read More

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Christmas Facts

Here are some facts about Christmas taken from—“History of Christmas.”¹ I share these facts to help take some of the commercial glitter off Christmas and to remind us that it really is about the story of how God sent his son, Jesus, as redeemer for all mankind. Each year, 30-35  »  Read More

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The Biggest Technology Charity—Silicon Valley

What’s the biggest community foundation in the country? Not New York. Not Los Angeles. Not Chicago. Not something in Florida. It’s the Silicon Valley Community Foundation. Although it got started only 10 years ago, the Silicon Valley Community Foundation has assets of $8.2 billion. In 2016, the  »  Read More

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What Is the Religion of Millionaires?

What is the religion of millionaires? CNBC cited a study by New World Wealth noting that, of the 13.1 million millionaires in the world, 56% identified themselves as Christian.¹ That same study indicated that 6.5% identified themselves as Muslim, 3.9% as Hindu, and 1.7% as Jewish. Still another  »  Read More

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