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Poor Pastors—Literally?

Pastors and money—it’s not a subject you hear a lot about.  But the July/August 2016 Christianity Today noted a survey from the National Association of Evangelicals on Pastors and their money.  Here are some of the interesting findings: 29% had no money in personal savings 33% had less than  »  Read More

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What is it That We Fight For?

How do you read the bible?  As literature?  As story?  As a lesson book?  For me, sometimes I read the bible as war–as struggle? What do I mean? It seems that most of our lives are filled with the constant battle to make sense of our lives, how we fit into this world, into the vast  »  Read More

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Searching for Sara

I met her at a restaurant.  From time to time, my travels take me to resort kinds of settings.  I like to ask my waiters their story, how they got to be there, and where they come from. Like so many, Sara came to be a server because she wanted a couple of years off before graduate  »  Read More

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