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12 Staggering Facts About How Much Stuff We Have

I wrote this post in 2015, but I thought it was worth re-visiting. Have you ever watched the reality TV show on hoarders?  It’s amazing that people would literally drown in their stuff.  But in truth, it’s not just the hoarders. Joshua Becker writes a blog on living the minimalist life and  »  Read More

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10 Great Discussion Questions about Sharing, Saving & Spending

How do you engage your family in discussions about money?  Specifically, topics like giving, saving and spending? has a set of discussion starter cards that provide an easy way to prompt that discussion.  Here’s a sampling of 10: At what age should a person get his or her  »  Read More

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Trump Drives Two Movements

The January 23, 2017 headline of USA Today proclaimed it:  Trump drives two movements.  In describing the two movements, the article described a “legion of Americans Trump as a refreshingly pugnacious leader with a promise to shake the regulatory order…” On the other hand, the article  »  Read More

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