While we long for generosity from others, we have to look at ourselves and ask, Have I been generous?

Why Can’t Donors Be Generous?

Why Can’t Donors Be Generous?

by Bill High

The look was twisted, passionate, and intense. His desire was for the gospel of Christ to advance all around the world, and in his own immediate neighborhood. He had a plan. A curriculum. He had people following, and people to lead. All it seemed that he needed were resources. Money.

So he pleaded with me: “I just need my donors to give. I just need resources.” He couldn’t understand why they couldn’t see the vision.
However, I wonder if the problem really rested with the donors. Did they really lack vision? Was it that they could not see? Or perhaps was it something more disturbing? Maybe, the problem was with my vision?

I know that in my own world I sometimes grow frustrated when people fail to give. It all seems so logical to me. They can realize great tax savings. They can give more. I’ve seen people walk away from the opportunity to cut their tax bill by even $1 million dollars yet they don’t give.

But frankly, I have to ask myself: Have I been generous? And not just generous in my service. It’s easy for a ministry person to say, “Look at all that I’m giving of myself….and I don’t make anything so surely you can’t mean I’m supposed to give mmmmonnney?”

Am I stretching myself to give financially? Is there some sacrifice that I’ve made to give somewhere? Is there something that I’m doing without?

Those are hard questions, but perhaps the next time I grow frustrated with someone who walks away from a giving opportunity,  perhaps its time to question my own generosity.


Photo by Fares Hamouche on Unsplash

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Published May 4, 2011

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