Leave a Legacy or Live a Legacy?

Leave a Legacy or Live a Legacy?

by Bill High

Leave a legacy. I know I use that term and I’ve seen it used a lot by others as well. But I wonder if it’s something we should shelve and put in the closet.

Why do I say that?

“Leave a legacy” too often gets linked just with the idea of estate planning. And to be honest not many people get too excited about the idea of estate planning—except the estate planning lawyers.

But I also think it gets tied to the idea of leaving something behind. And with that idea perhaps it’s too easy to think, “After I’m gone, what does it matter? I’ll let everyone else figure it out.”

It’s true we will all leave something behind—good or bad. I’m afraid, however, that the idea of leaving something behind sounds as if it’s unintentional. After all, I’m never happy to discover I’ve left my cell phone or my wallet behind.

So I’ve wondered if the better phrase isn’t “live a legacy.” That phrase better captures the idea of being intentional about the legacy we lead, leave and live.

I also think it captures the idea of the future. As people of faith, we look forward to the long tomorrow, the reunion of saints, and the gathering again of loved ones. We want to live a meaningful life because eternity is a long time.

What do you think? Leave a legacy or live a legacy?



Photo by Joshua Ness on Unsplash

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Published October 18, 2019

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