A young woman considers the future of generosity

Women and the Future of Generosity

Women and the Future of Generosity

by Bill High

As we see the Boomer generation age, we’ll continue to see more and more women lead the future of generosity. Why? Because women live longer than men. They’ll be the inheritors. But increasingly, women are also becoming the wealth creators.

Here are few key insights from the Women’s Philanthropy Institute:

  1. Women control 51% or $14 trillion of personal wealth and are expected to control $22 trillion by 2020.
  2. Women are the primary breadwinners in 40% of households and hold 52% of management and professional jobs.
  3. As the incomes of women rise, they are more likely to give to charity than men.
  4. Women are responsible for 86% of household consumer purchasing decisions.
  5. Women own 36% of all non-farm, privately held businesses.

And finally this one: 43% of the nation’s top wealth holders are women.


The Future of Generosity

Women already play an influential role in philanthropic efforts. Expect to see that trend continue in the years ahead.

In recognition of this reality, Generous Giving’s Women Doing Well initiative aims at bringing women together to inspire and celebrate generosity.

Additionally, my own mother’s generous life shaped me and my siblings. Her influence was a key part of my decision to help found The Signatry.

Here’s to the many generous women who are already influencing their families and peers to give with creative, sacrificial generosity.


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Published February 22, 2019

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