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A Time to Remember: Pat Lloyd

New beginnings call for remembering roots.

Many of you know that we began the Servant Foundation (originally, the Christian Community Foundation in Kansas City) in June 2000. We are a donor-advised-fund organization, and we chose to affiliate with the National Christian Foundation as our backroom. Now, eighteen years later, we’ve been given an opportunity for our organization to establish our own backroom, which gives us more opportunity to continue to grow.

But in light of that growth, I wanted to take a few moments to remember one of our founders, Pat Lloyd.

Pat came from a small southeast Kansas town. Life was hard, and prosperity was far from reality. She married a guy named Harry who had some crazy dreams about starting a company, and he did. Over time the company grew. And grew. Eventually it sold, and prosperity seemed to arrive. But her marriage to Harry didn’t survive.

As part of the settlement, Pat was able to establish her own foundation. That’s where she really began to thrive. She met regularly with ministries and questioned them about their dreams, their sources of support, and how they would accomplish their vision. She had an uncanny knack to ask just the right question.

When the opportunity came to help establish the Servant Foundation in the year 2000, Pat jumped right in. She gave to us, not only financially, but also with her time. She went on site visits and road trips–and even helped sort grant applications. She served on the board for nine years until her death.

It’s because of Pat Lloyd and the people around her that the Servant Foundation was able to launch and continue on. Thank you, Pat!

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