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Women and the Future of Generosity

A young woman considers the future of generosity

As we see the Boomer generation age, we’ll continue to see more and more women lead the future of generosity. Why? Because women live longer than men. They’ll be the inheritors. But increasingly, women are also becoming the wealth creators. Here are few key insights from the Women’s  »  Read More

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8 Key Facts on Charitable Giving

Charitable giving decisions at the computer

CCS Fundraising put together their 7th Edition Snapshot of Today’s Philanthropic Landscape. Here are eight key facts about charitable giving from the report: Good news/Bad news. While 2017 saw charitable giving rise to $410 billion dollars, that was with 56% of the U.S. population giving to  »  Read More

How the Aging Population Will Affect Giving

People are getting older.  Birth rates are declining.  Those are two really big statements that could easily be overlooked.  What’s the significance to charities? Think about it.  In Japan and Europe alone, the working age population shrinks by 30 and 37 million people respectively.  Less  »  Read More

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