When it comes to giving in the COVID-19 era, 37% of survey respondents say they're tipping more

How Are You Giving in the COVID-19 Era?

How Are You Giving in the COVID-19 Era?

by Bill High

What are your giving habits like in the COVID-19 era?

Michael Theis, in Surveys Show Mixed Bag for Donor Behavior” for The Chronicle of Philanthropy, summed up the results of a couple of recent charitable giving surveys. He noted several positives along with some challenges:

The Positives

  • 55% of Americans had donated to charity this year.
  • 6% said they’d increased the amount they’d given.
  • 37% said they were tipping more than usual.
  • 12% had given money to a loved one or someone laid off.
  • 7% had purchased a gift card from a local business.


The Challenges

  • 63% had not changed their giving habits (admittedly, this number could be a positive if they were already giving generously).
  • 15% had paused donations because of income loss.
  • 5% had decreased the amount they were giving.
  • 10% were tipping less.
  • A QuickBooks survey showed that 47% of regular givers were giving less than they were a month ago.

What’s your approach in this season? Giving more? At the same level? Less? Waiting to see what happens?



Photo by Allie on Unsplash

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Published July 1, 2020

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