Holiday Charitable Giving Activity: Plan Now!

Holiday Charitable Giving Activity: Plan Now!

by Bill High

With the holidays approaching, it’s easy to get caught in the bustle of activity and miss the opportunity to involve your family in charitable giving. The great thing about these kinds of activities is that they teach your children that life is not just about them. But because we are all busy, I will get right to it:

  1. Bake cookies for a local fire station, police station, mailman, or delivery driver.
  2. Take balloons and treats to a children’s ward of a hospital.
  3. Clean out your coat closet to donate to a local shelter.
  4. Give $100 to each family member and set a date by which you will give away the money to someone in need. Share your stories afterward.
  5. Invite other families from your sports team to your house, and set a theme of sharing stories of how each couple met.
  6. Invite other families to participate with you to adopt a nursing home and take gifts and treats there.
  7. Adopt a single mom and her family to care for them at Christmas and to give the single spouse a break!

For more ideas like this, you can also visit this site.

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Published October 26, 2017

Topics: Giving Strategies

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  1. These are fantastic ideas to get your entire involved in giving. I checked my spam folder for something else and found this…glad I did.

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