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5 Trends to Watch in Family Foundations

Several trends in family foundations are developing rapidly.

For many in the philanthropy world, private family foundations are an assumed part of life. But they didn’t always occupy such a key role in American philanthropy, and these foundations will continue to evolve. In an article in the Chronicle of Philanthropy, Virginia Esposito of the National  »  Read More

3 Big Giving Opportunities and 1 Big Challenge with the New Tax Law

People continue to make sense of the new tax law.  What are the opportunities and challenges particularly as it relates to charitable giving? First, the law allows for people to give up to 60% of their adjusted gross income.  If you make $100,000, you can give $60,000 and deduct the entire  »  Read More

A 2018 Giving Trend to Watch: The Noncash Gift

We’ve been handling noncash gifts for years at The Signatry. I remember one of my first noncash gifts was a 1967 Pontiac. It was a sweet car, and the donor told me simply that he couldn’t bear to sell it but he could give it to Jesus. But the trend of noncash giving is continuing. I  »  Read More