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Looking Forward: A New Donor-Advised-Fund Era–Family!

There’s a new day coming for donor-advised funds. For nearly 18 years, the Servant Foundation affiliated with the National Christian Foundation. Over that period of time, the Servant Foundation has seen nearly $3 billion in contributions and $2 billion in grants. But now Servant Foundation is  »  Read More

Are You a Gospel Patron?

What’s a gospel patron? John Rinehart wrote a compelling book called Gospel Patrons. There he describes a gospel patron as a passionate follower of Jesus but one who also invests generously with time and treasure in the advance of the gospel. Few would recognize that, throughout history, the  »  Read More

Okay, Let’s Do Something Crazy!

My friend Frank is a financial advisor. Sometimes he gets a mischievous grin on his face—especially when he’s heard a good story. And to be honest, he likes a little risk, a little fun. So it was he told me the story of a young man who’d been building his own little stockpile—the typical  »  Read More