4 Unique Gifts to Consider Making

4 Unique Gifts to Consider Making

by Bill High

Did you know that 80% of the gifts made by Americans are in the form of cash? The other 20% come in the form of non-cash assets. Although one of the biggest forms of non-cash gifting is publicly traded stock, I encourage you to consider other forms of gifting: vehicles, collectibles, inventory, electronics, art, gold coins, etc.

Indeed, there are many ways to give. I’d like to offer 4 unique ways to make a gift:

1. Make a gift of a vehicle to be used by a person in need.

Did you know that one of the areas of need is that of single moms in need of a decent car to get to work? Or sometimes, when people come out of rehab, they need a vehicle to get their life in order. In some cases, these people in need of a vehicle might be in your church. Or you can connect with facilities that would know of people with this need.

2. Make a gift of talent.

In many cases, nonprofit organizations don’t just need money: They need talent. That talent may be needed in the form of grant writing, technology assistance, website development, strategic planning, etc. Find out the needs of the nonprofit, and make a gift to cover the cost of that talent.

3. Make the gift of people.

Often the hardest job in raising funds for a ministry is finding new donors. The simplest gift is to introduce a favorite ministry to 2-3 friends of yours. Peer influence is the single greatest influence that will lead to new donors.

4. Make the gift of encouragement along with a gift.

The work of ministry is long, hard, and lonely. Often there are few thanks and meager accolades. Passion is the only fuel. So perhaps consider making a financial gift and including a personal note to say thanks for laboring, thanks for ministering, thanks for caring—and to keep pressing on!


This blog is part if a series on “4”: 4 Questions, 4 Things, etc. It’s a way of offering concise commentary. Check out the rest of the series of “4”!

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Published October 3, 2017

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