The 4 Types of Giving

The 4 Types of Giving

by Bill High

Did you know there are at least 4 different kinds of giving?

When people think about giving, they usually think about giving to their church, or maybe a missionary.  They usually think about giving to an existing organization, but there are other types of giving.

There is (1) Systematic giving—regular giving for support typically to an existing organization; (2) Strategic—this is giving usually to address a problem, or provide leverage to an opportunity, (3) Random giving—giving with spontaneity as you’ve been moved by need around you, and (4) Giving as a Family —this is bringing your family into your giving and demonstrating the values that you live by and carry out. 

Are there any other types of giving that you or your family practice? 

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Published November 24, 2015

Topics: Giving Strategies


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