What’s your moment of brokenness?

What’s your moment of brokenness?

by Bill High

“Never trust a man without a limp,” or so goes the adage.

What does that mean?  The story goes that Jacob wrestled with an angel of God, and at the end of the tussle, the angel touched Jacob’s hip.  For the rest of his life, Jacob limped. The limp reminded him of his struggle.

Limps force us to recognize we are not in control.  Events and circumstances overpower us.  Burdens weigh too heavy for us to carry.   Limps bring humility.  They remind us that we still need to seek understanding.

All of us need those Jacob moments—where our hip gets touched, and we walk away with a limp.  I call it a moment of brokenness.

A moment of brokenness is that place where we confront issues, ideas or events that are too big for us.  And in that moment, we know that we need God to show up.  We can no longer do anything.

Sometimes I like to ask people, “What’s your moment of brokenness?”  We all have them.  In those moments we gain truth, wisdom and humility, which allow us to walk forward with better direction.

What’s your moment of brokenness?

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Published July 7, 2016

Topics: A Life of Faith


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