The Crazy Plane Ride to Nowhere

The Crazy Plane Ride to Nowhere

by Bill High

“Somewhere between zero and thirty thousand feet, you look out the window, see the people and houses below and you begin to wonder: where am I going? What am I doing?”  I heard that quote from a friend of mine who was describing his life on the road.

Even now, I’m on a plane.  There’s turbulence so everyone is buckled in.  Some flip newspapers, while others read the magazines in the flap.  A few laptops are open even though (curses!) there’s no WiFi.  Some doze.

All of us, 143, to be exact, are heading for a destination.  There’s a hundred stories, a lot of questions unanswered, and some pressing forward for a sale, a goal, an end.

But that quote rings in my head:  where am I going?  What am I doing?  At 30,000 feet, everything looks a lot smaller below.  There’s perspective.  Below me, there are millions of stories playing out.  We are all part of a much larger divine drama.  We exit and enter the stage not of our own cue.

But I realize the story, the journey—what we do between our entrance and exit matters.  How well we do between the dots matters.  And that perhaps is the better question.  How am I going?  How am I doing? 

 Am I taking risk?  Am I being a life giver, a blessing, a picture of grace along the way?  Am I living well between zero and 30,000 feet?

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Published December 3, 2015

Topics: A Life of Faith


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