If Jesus Were Your Financial Advisor…

If Jesus Were Your Financial Advisor…

by Bill High

Have you worked on your retirement plan lately? Or met with your financial advisor?

Chances are they talked to you about portfolio allocation, diversification of assets, long-term planning, investment horizons and the like.

But have you ever wondered what it might look like if Jesus were your financial advisor? Can you imagine walking into his office?

There, you explain your current holdings: savings, money market, IRA/401K. You talk about your desire to retire, along with your plans to play a little more golf in retirement. But you also explain what your monthly expenses look like. You cringe a bit as he looks over your list of expenditures.

With all those facts on the table, you “forgot” to mention the boat you’ve been saving for, but his smile  makes you think that he seems to already know.


Some Gentle Advice from Jesus

Now it’s his turn to speak. He leans forward patiently, and says:

Don’t fret. Don’t worry. Consider the lilies of the field, and the birds of the air. I provide for all of them. Surely I’ll provide for you.

Be careful to not gain the world or the biggest retirement account and lose the thing that matters the most: to be known by My Father.

My Father desires justice and mercy—both of them. To do what’s right and to do what’s kind. He doesn’t just desire tokens tossed in an offering plate. He desires your heart.

Be faithful with whatever I’ve given you. Don’t compare yourself. To some I give five, others two and still others just one. But don’t be misled either. There’s always an accounting, and the question will be what did you do with what I gave you.

Use worldly wealth to store up treasures in heaven. Someday you’ll exit the planet, and all your bank accounts on this earth will go to zero. What will your bank account look like in heaven? How many people will say that they call upon my name because of your investment in the things of heaven?


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Published August 23, 2019

Topics: A Life of Faith

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