Where to Invest Now!

Where to Invest Now!

by Bill High

That was the cover title of the July 2017 Kiplinger’s—Where to Invest Now. And for good measure, they even provided the page number—46, to be precise. So I turned there.

Page 46. I read with interest. There was a nice captivating graphic that showed the cyclical up-and-down arrows of the market. But it wasn’t until page 48 that there was a red headline that gave me what I really wanted to read: “Our Forecast.” So what did “Our Forecast” have to say?

Well, let me summarize. The first part of the year had been up. The second half looked like it (the market) might go down. After all, the market had been bull for eight years! To be honest, I read all of “Our Forecast,” and I couldn’t tell what the forecast was. So I read on.

Aha! Finally, at page 50, I got to “What to Own in an Expensive Market—Q&A with Sebastien Page.” Okay, I’ll save you. He didn’t tell me much either, but he did offer me this nugget:

In the U.S., we recommend a flexible bond-market strategy, and we prefer growth stocks to value stocks, although we do like financial stocks, which generally fall into the value sector.

Uh, that didn’t tell me a lot either. Finally, thank goodness, page 52 arrived with “Five to Buy Now.” Five stocks that would make me rich, happy, and safe. Of course, I shouldn’t have looked at page 53, which led with the title “When Everything Is Working, Sit Tight.” Aauugh!

It’s a funny thing. God sent his newsletter, the Bible, with no hedging at all. He said it plainly: “Don’t invest in the treasures of this earth!” Why? They decay. They go away. So where to invest? Well, you don’t have to wait until page 53 to get the investment advice of Jesus. He said it in the very next verse: Invest in heaven. Why? Because the things of heaven last. They don’t decay.

I’m reminded of this quote by Martin Luther: “I have held many things in my hands, and I have lost them all; but whatever I have placed in God’s hands, that I still possess.” Where to invest now? Not stocks, not bonds, not value stocks, but heaven—for only heaven will last.

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Published August 29, 2017

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